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Company History


Alba was founded in 1990 in Austria. Alba is one of today's leading specialists in innovative manufacturing systems for the high-quality plastic component sector.
1990 - Foundation of Alba in Forstau


In 1990, the company was founded as Alba Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH by Helmut Naue on the site of a former mining company in Forstau, Austria. Alba started business operations with 8 employees.

1991 - Expansion of the company building


Due to the healthy economic situation, the major expansion of the company building began with the sectors of mould making and mechanical engineering. The focus was on manufacturing of sheet metal moulds and hot foam production systems. The commissioning of the new company building laid the foundation for continuous further development in the years that followed.
1995 - The first die-sinking machine


The acquisition of a die-sinking machine enabled Alba to manufacture tools with a metallic sealing surface, which meant 3-part tools could be assembled using mould construction. The in-house development of a recycling plant for the recycling of PUR residues set the course for an environmentally-friendly corporate policy.
1998 - 3D-CAD Systems are used


The purchase of a highly dynamic milling machine was an important step for Alba to carry out all machine activities on the premises. The design department switched to innovative 3D CAD systems. From this point on, it was possible to manufacture even more complex machine components.

1999 - Our own model making department was established


By establishing its own model making department, models and casting equipment for casting the moulds could now be manufactured in-house. The introduction of a quality management system according to ISO 9001 in 1999 supported regulated processes and transparent, defined processes and thus promoted the continuous further development of our high quality standard.

2000 - Investment into a 5-axis milling machine was made


The capacity of the model construction in Forstau was expanded by the extension of the workshop building. Due to continuous further development, investments were made in a 5-axis milling machine and another die-sinking EDM machine. The acquisition of a 3D coordinate measuring machine made it possible to check the quality standard of the manufactured components according to 3D data.

2001 - The location Forstau was extended by an assembly hall


A sales office in Germany (Lübbecke, currently Bissendorf near Osnabrück) was founded in order to provide our customers on the German market with the best possible service. At the Forstau site, Alba built a large assembly hall with 10-t crane system to offer larger projects and to expand its product range in vehicle interior technology. At the same time, further investments were being made in the area of milling technology. 

2003 - Foundation of a location in Radstadt, Austria


Foundation of the production facilities in Radstadt, Austria with the focus on prototype and spare parts production. The Alba site in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia was opened.

2004 - Foundation of a location in Slovakia, Surany


The production facilities in Surany, Slovakia to support the production of seat moulds and to expand the production capacity of seat tools and creation of machine components was put into operation.

2010 - Radstadt receives a department for press technology and composites


Radstadt receives a department for press technology and composites

2013 - Large extension in Forstau, assembly hall and office building


In 2013, a large assembly hall (1000 sqm) with a 16-t overhead crane including a technical centre and an office building for design and development in Forstau was added. 

2015 - New construction of a large production and administration building in Slovenia


At the Alba site in Slovenia, Slovenj Gradec, a large, modern production and administration building with 1900 square metres was built over 3 floors. Thanks to the new machine construction assembly hall, it was possible to assemble large production systems in-house and, in addition, to continue to meet the growing quality requirements with the new engineering centre.

2016 - New bulding headquarters Forstau, Austria - Engineering Tower, assembly and logistics areas


To be ready for the future, Alba invested heavily in its headquarters in Forstau where an additional 1200 square metres of assembly, storage and logistics space were built. The new 700m2 Engineering Tower, with state-of-the-art administration and meeting facilities, serves as a competence centre for research and development. 

This year also saw the company's certification according to ISO 14001 because sustainable action and active environmental protection are very important concerns for Alba.

Laminating and edgefolding


The Alba range of services is expanded to include laminating and edge folding technologies.
New owner Markus Moldzio


Alba will be taken over by the German investors Markus Moldzio and Dr Johannes Werhahn on 1 April 2024.
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