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Flame Treatment at  Alba tooling & engineering

Flame Treatment Systems & Surface Activation

Flame treatment systems & surface activation

During flame treatment, the surface tension of plastics (e.g. PP and NFPP) is increased by treatment with an oxidising gas flame. This pre-treatment makes it possible to permanently foam, coat, print or glue these materials.

Alba offers customised solutions for the treatment of specific product surfaces.

Our range of services includes

  • Established concepts for surface activation of instrument panels, door panels and other interior components, in a wide variety of automation solutions, by means of robot-guided flame treatment and optimum masking solutions
  • Integration in existing processes, e.g. flame treatment of attached IP carrier parts directly on the mould carrier on the second floor of the rotary table
  • Different cycle time models, depending on the form of automation
  • Different flame treatment systems
  • Optimum process integration
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