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Presses and Moulds at Alba

Presses & Moulds

Presses & Moulds

Alba offers production solutions in the field of presses and moulds in the form of modern, flexible processes. Mould solutions for the use of thermoplastic and thermosetting material applications as well as fibre composites complete our range. 

Depending on the material used, moulds for hot pressing, cold pressing and one-shot processes are developed and manufactured in conjunction with décors or press laminating moulds. These are made ready for production on state-of-the-art technical centre facilities in cooperation with our customers.

Our offering

Alba supports component development with regard to process- and tool-suitable design through feasibility studies to establish effective, rework-optimised and, thus, cost-effective solutions for our customers for series production.

Due to lower tooling costs than with injection moulding technologies, the compression moulding process is particularly suitable for series with small to medium quantities.

Pressed Component Production

Alba is the specialist for presses and moulds. Pressed component production in vehicle manufacturing requires precise tools, machines and processes to produce components with tight tolerances and high quality. By optimizing materials, processes and designs, manufacturers can develop lightweight components that help reduce vehicle weight, improve performance and meet stringent safety standards.


Andreas Moser
Project & Sales Manager
Phone: +43 6454 7800-6201
Mobile: +43 664 1825925

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