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Lightweight components at Alba

Lightweight Construction Technologies

Lightweight Construction Technologies

Alba offers all current mould technologies in the field of lightweight construction technologies. 
These include:

Production Solutions

As part of the production chain, we supply solutions based in part on our own patents for all steps required in advance, such as preforming, preform trimming and stack handling. Tests can be carried out in our own model construction and initial samples can be produced and supplied for visualisation by means of vacuum infusion.

For related materials such as SMC and C-SMC, we manufacture production moulds, and a technical centre for mould validation is also available to our customers. Our experience in the field of EPP/EPS at our location in Slovenia enables us to carry out all necessary steps even for mixed material construction.

Lightweight construction for future mobility

In automotive engineering, various manufacturing technologies play a decisive role in the production of lightweight components made from fiber composites and other materials. The most important processes include wet pressing, RTM (resin transfer moulding), PCM (prepreg compression moulding), hot pressing and cold pressing.

These different manufacturing technologies play an important role in the realization of lightweight components. By combining advanced materials and manufacturing processes, manufacturers can develop vehicles with reduced weight, improved performance characteristics and lower fuel consumption, which contributes to more sustainable mobility.


Andreas Moser
Project & Sales Manager
Phone: +43 6454 7800-6201
Mobile: +43 664 1825925

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