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Alba Seat Foam Mould

Seat Foam Moulds from Alba

Seat Foam Moulds

The overall concept of a vehicle seat must be right: Comfort, safety and design. As a partner of well-known production companies in the automotive industry, we have many years of experience in mould construction and meet the highest standards with regard to precision, quality and adherence to delivery dates.

Alba range of services includes

  • Component development and co-design
  • Development support for inserts, removal concepts and removal components
  • Prototype foam moulds
  • Series foam moulds
  • Venting aids (Alba Autovents) and demoulding aids
Alba series foam mould

Series foam moulds

Our series foaming moulds, milled or cast in aluminium, are high precision, the sealing surfaces are eroded and Alba Autovents can be easily integrated.

Fleece holders, clip holders, magnets for wire frames and Velcro straps as well as holders for flake composite foams can also be integrated.

Alba prototype foam mould

Prototypen foam moulds

The combination of construction, model making, milling technology and mould construction under one roof enables the realisation of demanding prototype moulds in the shortest time. We manufacture from milled or cast plastic, aluminium or steel. State-of-the-art technical centre facilities and presses are available for mould validation.

Development and Co-Design by Alba

Our project engineers use powerful CAD workstations (Catia V5/Catia V6) for designing according to strake and design specifications or according to 3D customer CAD data. Simulations of mould and carrier movements are carried out as well as feasibility analyses.

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