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Alba Modell Making Technology

Modell Making Technology at Alba

Modell Making

Precise and efficient work is the hallmark of Alba's model making department. We are able to react quickly and flexibly due to short, internal routes to mould construction and our in-house milling centres.
Construction is manual or CNC-milled in a wide variety of materials, designs and degrees of complexity. A 3D print completes Alba's offer. We mill master models and manufacture prototype and series casting unit equipment with batch parts.

We develop and realise model series with complex tasks and sophisticated mould technologies with and for our customers.

Our product range also includes prototype foam moulds for development and small series production with short manufacturing throughput times. For the classic car industry, we can reproduce spare parts that are no longer available true to the original. Alba also has extensive experience with test gauges and test documents.

The Alba range of services at a glace

  • Master models
  • Casting unit equipment
  • Prototypes and gauges
  • Functional models
  • CFK/GFK models and components
  • Reproduction of spare parts for classic cars
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