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3D Membrane laminating technology

2D/3D membrane lamination technology at Alba

2D/3D membrane lamination technology

3D membrane lamination technology means a press lamination process using a specially manufactured 3D contour membrane. Instead of a hard upper tool, a flexible 3D membrane is used.

Our range of services

Alba offers the appropriate technology, depending on the used process and the material combinations used.

Our range of services includes:

  • 2D membrane lamination
  • 3D membrane lamination
  • rubber blanket lamination (alternative)
Customized membrane laminating systems round off our range of services. From planning to implementation, Alba offers competent and innovative solutions for a wide range of customer requirements. As a partner of well-known production companies, we have many years of experience in plant and tool construction and meet the highest standards in terms of precision, quality and adherence to deadlines.

Alba as a specialist for innovative membrane laminating systems

Video membrane laminating system

Alba as a specialist for innovative membrane laminating systems Alba as a specialist for innovative membrane laminating systems


Our newly developed, innovative membrane laminating system is able to laminate a wide variety of components. It consists of 3 stations, a loading and demolding station, a heating or adhesive activation station, and lastly the 3D membrane laminating station with vacuum. In the production process, the substrates and the decor are loaded, then the adhesive is activated fully automatically utilizing heat and finally, the components are laminated by machine.


Gerhard Zechner
Project & Sales Manager
phone: +43 6454 7800 6300
mobile: +43 664 3867658

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