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Alba Rotary Table

Rotary Table Systems from Alba

Rotary Table Systems

Whenever high quantities and synchronised processes are paramount, rotary tables offer an ideal manufacturing solution due to their optimised design.

Rotary tables are rotating platforms which, depending on the load case and size, are supported either only in the centre by a central bearing or additionally by rollers in the area of the load effect. The media supply is realised in the centre by rotary feedthroughs.

Our range of services includes

  • Manufacturing concept for higher quantities with the same curing times
  • Efficient installation space design
  • Continuous or discontinuous production operation
  • Automatic inward and outward transfer of mould carriers (optimised mould change)
  • Simple internal logistics of finished parts (only one area for demoulding)
  • Drive by a rotating chain or centrally by means of a driven rotary axis
  • Variable rotation speeds

Alba rotary table

State-of-the-art technology

Alba rotary table Alba rotary table
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