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Skilled team of Alba

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We love to take on new challenges - we are passionate about creative solutions and innovative concepts. For this reason, we improve existing products and realize products that nobody thought of yesterday.

Under the motto “No way is no opinion!“ our team of experts are constantly working on new opportunities and ideas to realize our visions and those of our customers. Here you will find new, innovative products and solutions from Alba.

The innovation world of Alba

Tannin foam

Smart material

Tannin foam

Alba is currently working on a completely natural industrial foam. This is made possible by tannins obtained from the bark of trees. The advantages of the natural foam are obvious. Unlike petroleum-based products, tannin foam is non-flammable, has very good thermal properties, is extremely resilient and 100% recyclable.


Alba as visionary in lightweight construction


Hardly any technical achievement is as important as lightweight construction. Lightweight construction promotes sustainability, protects the environment and the climate – whether driving a car or flying. The Ultralightweightseat, co-developed by Alba tooling & engineering, with a total weight of only around 10 kg, shows how lightweight construction can look in the future.

The innovation world of Alba

Mask Guard

Digital mouth-nose mask recognizer

Mask Guard

Wearing a mouth-nose mask has become an integral part of our daily lives. However, it is still possible to forget wearing a mask and this is where the Alba Mask Guard comes into play.
Developed by Alba tooling & engineering the Mask Guard is intended to be a support to check and enforce the mask obligation.

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