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Press lamination folding at Alba

Press lamination folding

Press laminating system

Compact system technology in standardized sizes

Depending on the requirements and product size, the edge folding press laminating system can be the right option. Thanks to our system construction, the price-performance ratio and the maximum space requirement are right.
Intelligent tools can be changed in just a few minutes - hardware, connections and program interfaces are standardized. The vacuum system as well as cooling and temperature control units are compactly located in the system frame.


Folding system

Hot Folding for A-, B-, C- and D-columns

In less than 25 seconds, the column claddings are folded over and hot caulked in an almost rework-free process. An integrated sensor system ensures proper pre-assembly.

A solid tool design offers a 3-shift operation with an availability of > 98% in the series process.

Dimensions: approx. 8.2´ x 7.2´ x 8.2´ / 250 x 202 x 250 cm
Surface loading: 164 lb/ft² / 800kg/m²
Panel design: as required in grid sizes
Options: individual

Alba as a specialist for Multipurpose Edgefolding & Press Laminating Tools (ME-PLT)


Alba as a specialist for Multipurpose Edgefolding & Press Laminating Tools (ME-PLT) Alba as a specialist for Multipurpose Edgefolding & Press Laminating Tools (ME-PLT)

Your Alba Advantage

Depending on customer requirements, the press laminating tool can be equipped with fully automated as well as temperature-controlled folding slider packages. For components with seam layers, it is possible to integrate a seam weighing unit or a pivoting transfer stamp into the tool.
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